The Patriot House

Patriotism is defined as vigorous support for one’s country. This mind-set is a way of life for many in the Sandhills area as military personnel, both retired and active, as well as many of their immediate and extended families have chosen to call Pinehurst home. However, serving in a branch of the armed forces is not the only way one can show their Patriotism. We all can serve in some capacity and Will Huntley of Huntley Build Designs is an excellent example of that service.

“Will is a Patriot”, expressed Chuck Deleot, President of The Patriot Foundation. Deleot remembers when Huntley initially approached him with the idea of The Patriot House. The idea of building a home and donating all monies to benefit The Patriot Foundation is one that clearly shows Huntley’s passion for the values and mission of this honorable cause.

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